Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Ways Of Managing Finances For Beginners

Your first few paycheques may mean the world to you, but what is more important than simply counting your money is to manage its use effectively, particularly if you have been comfortably living so far with your parents managing most of your finances! Obviously matters get a little difficult to handle in the start, with monthly bills and outlandish responsibilities like tax payments denting your happiness every time you want to go all out and spend every single penny you earn. In that case, here's a guide to ensuring that you, as a beginner, are able to manage your finances:

Monthly Management Of Expenses

It may take a while to painfully monitor your finances and make sure that your expenses don't exceed a certain limit every month, but what needs to be done, has got to be done. See to it that you pay off all your bills by the end of every month and not have them pile by your bedside, causing you to pay extra later. Keep a check on the money you spend on groceries and the number of days you eat out in a month, at least until you get a hang of how much money you can afford to spend in what area.

Tax Payments

It may make you want to cringe, but paying your taxes regularly and diligently completing the related paperwork is a part and parcel of the many responsibilities that come knocking at your door once you start earning for yourself. Having a clear estimation of the taxes you will be required to pay will help you manage your expenditure from the very start and probably help you to even benefit from tax savings!

Insure Yourself

Your parents weren't trying to nag you when they hounded you with the contact details of innumerable insurance companies. It is essential and the faster you take care of matters, the better. Invest some of your earnings and sign up for insurance plans; this could be health insurance plans or plans to insure your house or your car against the possibility of any unfortunate events in the near or far future.

Bank It Up

Once you think you are done settling accounts and spending on personal use, it is highly advised to head to the nearest bank and quickly deposit your money in a savings account or a fixed deposit account to make sure that you benefit most out of the interest you earn a couple of years down the line.

Splurge A Little!

Well, you haven't worked day in and out only to save money and live the life of a tortured laborer, have you? Give yourself the little treats you deserve! It is fair to head out on (monitored) shopping trips, award yourself a spa treatment or eat out at fancy places once in a while every month just to keep you going!

Having said that, with a little care, precaution and a bit of planning, you can effectively manage your finances and make sure that you never run into debts, not immediately after stepping into being a part of the working class at least!

Bad Credit Car Loans

DO you plan to apply for a car loan yet hesitant because of your bad credit history? Before you take another step read on the rest of this article to find out more about bad credit car loans.

Applying Through a Co-Signer

Indeed, you may consider getting help from a co-signer with good credit to improve your chance of getting approved and to enjoy a lower interest rate. However, consumers need to be very careful with this kind of arrangement.

Some scammers may apply your loan, using your co-signer as the primary borrower. Yes, your loan will get approved but you will not be able to improve your personal credit report because the car loan is not in your name at all.

To avoid being tricked, see to it that you and your co-signer are both present during the signing of the contract. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the car loan and if there are statements that seem vague, do not sign up the loan without clarifying what every statement means.

Car Loan Dealer Tactics

Some car dealers that offer bad credit financing may hand you an application and assure quick approval to convince customers to do the purchase from them. You might get the wrong idea that the loan has already been approved, when in fact your application is still yet to be submitted to the bank or lender.

Two weeks later, the car dealer will call informing you that you have not been approved for the low rate because of your bad credit score. As a result, you get stuck in a bad credit car loan with a high rate of interest.

Avoid Being a Victim!

Avoid being a victim of bad credit car loan scams and rip-offs by being aware of their tactics. Remember that you can find a reasonable car loan despite having bad credit if you do your own research and if you meet the lender's requirements.

For instance, you must have a stable job to make up for having a low credit score. A stable employment will give a potential lender the assurance that you are capable of keeping up with your monthly auto loan payments.

It's also a good idea to reduce your credit-to-debt ratio. Minimize the use your credit lines at least six months before applying for a bad credit car loan. Pay off your existing charges especially if you own credit cards. Such a move can boost your credit score. It will also create a good impression when a lender looks into your credit report.

Here is another great tip: Order a copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus so you don't need to guess what your exact rating is. Predatory lenders and car dealer financers may make you believe that you have a much lower credit score just to charge you with much higher rates and fees. When dealing with a potential lender and car dealers, bring the copy of your report with you to show that are aware of your exact credit standing and that you know the kind of deal that you deserve.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Investment Prospects In Georgia Real Estate

Investment in real estate can be very profitable. The real estate sector is expanding every day and reaching new heights. Investments in real estate can fetch you huge profit says Harry Coker.

The Georgia real estate provides you with smart investment options. The affordable solutions provided by the real estate market of Georgia enables potential buyers to enter and exit the market with great ease. Are you planning for a long vacation? Georgia perhaps is the ideal place you are looking for. The exotic locales of Georgia make it one among the five best places all over the world says Harry Coker. The booming real estate industry of Georgia promises you high returns on your investments. Experts believe that this trend is to continue for many years to come. The reason for this says Harry Coker is the rapid industrialization of the state followed by an exodus of people into the state seeking lucrative employment opportunities available. This has resulted in a massive demand for residential and commercial properties here. The economy of the state of Georgia is growing at an accelerated pace giving boost to the real estate industry which is now growing in leaps and bounds says Harry Coker.

The state of Georgia boasts of a highly developed textile industry, aircraft, groceries and chemical industries says Harry Coker. Coal is found in abundance in the state of Georgia which has boosted power generation resulting in more than adequate supply of electricity in state. These factors has triggered the demand for houses and mortgage in the cities. A surge in the economy and availability of well paid jobs has pushed up the per capita incomes and affordability of the services of mortgage. In the last three years there has been a 10% increase in the GDP of the state of Georgia. This explains the growing interest of the investors and business firms in the mortgage sector.

You can buy a beautiful home amidst beautiful forested mountains or on the beach front. You can have a relaxing holiday here away from the rush and congestion of the bustling city life. Harry Coker says that you can choose a fully furnished house depending on your budget. The serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains and sylvan surroundings provide the required ambience and state of mind to relax and enjoy a stress free living. The real estates can be of log make, made out of massive logs having big porches.

You can choose from a wide range of properties and fixtures and in due course get the advantage of high returns on investment. If you prefer beach front, savannah is probably the best place for living a serene, peaceful and comfortable life says Harry Coker. Lake Chatuge is another beautiful place where you can get creek and river front, homes and stud farms.

The flourishing industry of Georgia attracts people from different corners of the world to be in the city to make their living. This has lead to a mushrooming of tall apartment buildings and individual bungalows says Harry Coker. The dwellings are built near the industries to avoid long commuting by the workers. Well developed transport and communication infrastructure, development of schools, universities and other educational institutions and a booming tourism industry makes Georgia one of the most sought after states in the United States for real estate investment.

According to Harry Coker, with a favourable real estate investment climate and the economy of the state gathering momentum after the lull Georgia is beckoning prospective investors to get rich quick through the multiple avenues open for investment in the real estate market.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Basics of Stock Market in Panama

The initial step to understanding Panama stock broker accounts is to know the basics of how the stock markets work. A stock is the term used to connote the smallest component of ownership in a company. If you own a stock, this signifies you are part owner of that company. This means that you have a right to vote on decisions made by the company and if that company distributes out its profits to the shareholders, you will likely get your fair share too.

When choosing your own stock, the key element to look at from the company profile is of course the earnings of the company. The earnings or most commonly known as the profit of the business is the determinant of how much a stock will cost. But when actually buying one, you must also focus on the value of that stock in the future. One thing to look at is the product of that company. Make sure that the product is still saleable in the future for you to reap out all the benefits from being a part owner of any reputable company. Stock brokers will definitely come into play when you choose your stocks from the market. If you have already chosen a stock that will suit your needs and preferences then go ahead and buy it.

Buying stocks have been basically hands on during the years that have passed but nowadays off shore stock trading accounts can be found in some countries. One such country is Panama, the land dubbed as the Bridge of the World.

Panama has a number of exceptional and private features that make offshore stock brokerage accounts safe and easy to use. Panama offers a stable and neutral form of government that eliminates the danger of losing track of your money because of political upheavals that may arise. This peaceful country also holds a treaty with the USA that allows USA to grant protection to it from any form of invasion or upheaval.

You also do not have to be physically present in the country to get a stock brokerage account in this place. Stock brokerage activities can now be done online. Auctions, purchases and other stock activities can now be made through secure email with privacy policies and anonymous services.

Trading can also be done using a personal account, foundation or a corporate account. Personal accounts must maintain balances of over ,000.00. Corporate accounts are those that use the total assets of corporations to purchase or trade stocks. Panama banking accounts arrange full service for stock brokerage accounts done in the area. Privacy and secrecy are valued virtues of these firms, and you can surely safeguard your earnings through their system.

So if you are considering going into the stock brokerage market and opening up an offshore account to safeguard your money, keep in mind that Panama has a lot to offer for you. Their excellent offshore banking system made leaps into advancing offshore trading of the stock market today.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Pre-Qualify for Auto Loans?

Extremely high payments will worsen your financial conditions where it will lead to defaulting every month. This will further impact the credit score and so it is important to find a way exiting this immediately. If this proves to be a second collapse, the impacts could be even worse. If you have the desire to buy your dream car but short of funds, getting auto loans is a wise option. However, make sure to have the financial background to repay the amounts promptly on getting the loan. As explained above, a collapse would have adverse impacts on the credit history.

Do not bother if you have a bad credit rating and still in need of an auto loan. There are several lenders ready to offer loans to this category of people. However, this will be offered at slightly higher interest rates considering the bad credit rating. This can be compensated by paying a hefty down payment or offering collateral security. Is there a way to secure your dream car without any of these problems? "Pre-qualified auto loans" is the key solution to avoid all these hassles in the process of applying auto loans.

Prior to applying for pre-qualified loans, it is important to understand several financial aspects. The individuals should have a good credit rating and other existing loans should have been repaid promptly. Pre-qualified loans have several advantages and give a free hand to borrowers in selecting the deals. They need not be worry about the prices of car. As they know the amount of loan is approved in advance, they can look out for cars that come within that range. They can also offer to pay extra amount in addition to the loan amount to buy their dream machine. Now the big question comes!! How to pre qualify for auto loans?

Improving debt to income ratio: This is calculated by adding the entire debt payment of the borrower and it has to be divided by the total amount of living expenses plus debt on a monthly basis. The ratio should be less than 40% of his total salary amount.

Affordability: It is important for the borrowers to afford the monthly payments on getting the loan approved. A rough estimation on the expenses and income will give a fair idea on the affordability concept.

Down payment: It is always recommended to pay a good amount of down payment that comes from borrower's pocket. This will prove the credibility and reduce the loan burden. On the other hand, the borrower will have higher loan tenure and end up paying more interest. It is good to contribute at least 15% of the car value to be on the safer side.

The above said factors will be of great help in getting pre approved auto loans from any kind of lenders. These factors will also help the borrowers to get loans at cheaper interest rates.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Magento Developer India Can Help In Building A Successful E-commerce Store

Magento is a latest open source ecommerce platform that can be customized as per your requirements. It offers flexibility and control over the functionality and appearance of an online store. Magento is the best ecommerce platform and is highly admired by merchandisers. With a good magento developers India one can built the best Ecommerce platform that helps in taking online business to its next level. Being an open source Magento is cheap and has rich features eCommerce solution that offers complete flexibility and control over the appearance and functionality of an online store.

magento development has taken on a large scale in India. Below listed are a few features that Magento has:

1.Site Management:
-> It can manage multiple stores and sites from one admin panel.
-> Supports multiple currencies
-> Supports localization
-> Upgrades with just one click
-> CMS for informational pages
->Flexible management of tax rates that supports both US and other international markets

2.Marketing promotions and tools
-> SEO friendly URL's
-> URL rewrites
-> Easy to view recently viewed and compared products
-> Upselling in shopping cart
-> Cross selling on product pages
-> Newsletter management
-> Polls
-> Bundled products
-> Discount and other flexible coupons that can be restricted to stores or to certain products and categories.
-> Auto generated site maps

-> With one order shipping can be done at multiple places
-> Tracking orders online
-> Flat shipping rates per order and per item
-> Rates as per weight of the product and destination

4.Catalog management :
-> Inventory management
-> Batch updates of products
-> Virtual products
-> Configurable as per color, size and brand.
-> Tax rates per location
-> Rewrites search results
-> Google base integration
-> RSS feed for low inventory alerts

5.Customer accounts:
-> Maintaining order status and history
-> Re-orders from account
-> Reviews of products submitted
-> Products tags submitted
-> Address book with unlimited addresses
-> Default billing
-> Default shipping addresses
-> Has newsletter subscription management
-> Order status
-> Order history
-> Ability to add comments

6.Product browsing:
-> Can view multiple products
-> Product reviews
-> Stock availability
-> Option for product selection
-> Has zoom in capability when it comes to product image
-> Upselling multi tier products

-> Accepts checks
-> Accepts money orders
-> Accepts purchase orders
-> Integrated with Google checkout
-> Credit card method for offline payments

8.Offers payment extensions to:
-> Dibs payment
-> VCS
-> Safer
-> eWAY
-> Protx
-> Cybersource
-> Cash on delivery
-> Fontis secure pay
-> Ogone payment
-> Saferpay
-> Paybox
-> Servired
-> Bank Prepayment
-> VCS
-> Fontis paymate
-> Fontis SecurePay
-> Fontis Paymate Express
-> Fontis New Zealand

9.International support
-> Multi-lingual
-> Site registration
-> Supports multiple currencies
-> Has ability to specify each payment method

10. SEO friendly:
-> Google site map
-> Search engine friendly
-> Auto generated site map
-> Meta information on categories and products.

11.Customer service:

Apart from the above mentioned features a good Magento developer India also allows one to provide the best customer service by providing features such as:
-> Order status and history
-> Customizable order emails
-> Order tracking made easy from accounts
-> Order history
-> Contact us form and much more.

Magento development India has reached to its peak levels because there are companies that have a team of Magento developer India that helps in creating striking design that helps in building a successful ecommerce store that increases online business.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Negotiate For Furniture When You're Involved In The Sale Of A House

To effectively negotiate furniture into the sales agreement for a house, you should identify in advance any furniture that you are interested in selling or buying, let the realtor know your terms and expectations, don't be afraid to receive or make a counteroffer, and closely examine the sales contract.
When purchasing or selling a home you can expect to do a great deal of negotiating and bargaining. Common things that transactors discuss include the price of the home, and what items are included in the sale, like furniture. Here is some advice on negotiating the furniture when buying or selling a home:
If you are interested in buying or selling any furniture you should tell us in advance
If you are a seller, make sure you already have a clear list of the furniture pieces that you are willing to leave behind or sell with the house. Furniture is included in the contract mostly when the buyer and seller can't come to a deal. If the purchaser talks about the inclusion of extra items, it is good to be prepared. If you are buying, be sure to look for items in the house that you are interested in when you are able to take a peek inside. Adequate attention must be paid on expensive furniture pieces that decorate your home as their replacement would be difficult.
Explain to the realtor what you want and how you plan to go about it
Make a note of which things you want to purchase or sell and give the list of items to your realtor. The real estate agent is the one who deals with the terms and negotiation between the purchaser and seller. As a buyer you should be certain to tell your realtor your standards for any possible deals in advance. For sellers, be careful about letting go of too much furniture too soon. Let the realtor know your terms, but you may want to hold back on offering high-cost pieces early in the negotiation. If the potential homebuyer needs some encouragement to consummate the deal, you can offer to include your more expensive furniture items.
There is no need to be afraid about making or getting a counteroffer
If you are a seller, you should not be surprised if your initial offer gets declined and you receive a counter offer. If you are presented with a counteroffer, look over it to see if the terms and conditions are consistent with your needs and then make a decision about whether you want to add furniture to the agreement. For buyers, don't be afraid to voice an alternative proposition if you see that the seller's proposal still has room for negotiation.
Closely examine the sales contract
Sellers should already have written a contract with clearly defined terms. Verify again and again so that you are not in trouble of any kind. In the case of buyers, make sure that you have examined the contract to determine if the seller included any furniture pieces in the deal. In order to make sure that you do not miss even the minutest print, ask your lawyer to review the same.
Buyers and sellers need not be nervous about negotiating all the possible issues as the purchase and sale of a property is a major event for both.