Monday, October 29, 2012

What Happens After Bankruptcy If I Lost My Car?

If you have recently experienced a bankruptcy discharge, you may be asking What happens after bankruptcy if I lost my car? This is a very valid question for some who have recently had the misfortune of having to file bankruptcy.

There are times when no matter what you try to do you have no other option but to include your vehicle loan in the bankruptcy which may leave you without a car.

There may be a couple reasons you may have to include the car in your bankruptcy. One may be that the payments are simply too expensive for you to keep up with each month. Another reason may be that you have fallen too far behind on the loan payments and the only way out is to discharge the vehicle with the balance of the bankruptcy.

Now you find yourself asking, What happens after bankruptcy if I lost my car? And fortunately the answer is to secure a bankruptcy car loan for a different vehicle. Some resources will tell you that this is simply not possible but that is not always the case.

There are some car dealerships and auto brokers who have special finance departments that will work with you and your situation to help you find financing for a new vehicle.

The first place to begin is on the Internet, research local dealerships and car brokers in your area. Make a short list of the name, address and phone number of a few of these places. Call and ask to speak with the special finance department. If the establishment has one, they will put you through to a salesperson that could possibly help you.

Take note as to the character of the person you speak with in the special finance department. Notice if you feel comfortable speaking with them or if you feel that you are an inconvenience to them. This can be used as a great indicator of the type of service you may receive throughout the transaction.

You deserve to be treated with the same respect as someone who has a perfect credit score and if you do not feel this, you have a choice to move on to the next resource on your list.

Once you have found someone you feel understands and will treat you with respect, ask what paperwork you would need to bring in to have them pre-qualify you for an auto loan. Bring these items into the office and allow the salesperson to begin looking for a vehicle that will suit your needs.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Reasons Why Payday Loans Have Become So Popular

No matter how difficult most financial companies have been finding it for the last few years, there is one aspect of the finance industry that has seen phenomenal growth in that same difficult period. That is the payday loans industry with an estimated annual turnover of 1 billion pounds in the UK alone each and every year. Month on month there are new lenders entering into the market place and the existing lenders are also increasing their appetite.

So where did they come from and why are they so popular?

Payday loans or instant cash advance loans as they are sometimes known originated over in the United States where they have been popular for a great many years. When the credit crunch started to take effect the American lenders saw that there was also a viable market in the UK and set up shop over here. As more and more people started to take advantage of this type of loan new lenders started and to jump on the band wagon and set up in business. That however does not explain why the industry has turned into the monster that it has.

This has come about for a number of reasons some of which are detailed below;

1) Easy to arrange: Arranging a payday loans could not be simpler, in most cases all that is required is the submission of a short application form online. With no further documentary evidence required for many and an instant online decision.

2) Quick payout: With online approval and same day payout, they are a very convenient way of dealing with any short-term emergencies that tend to occur every now and then. Most of the loans that are taken out are taken out for the purpose of emergency car or boiler repairs, and the like, they can however be taken out for any purpose whatsoever.

3) Easy to understand: Most payday lenders charge a flat fee based on the amount that you borrow i.e. for every 100 GBP that a person borrows they will be required to repay 25 GBP in interest. This means that applicants know exactly what the loan is going to cost them even before they apply.

4) Repaid in 1 instalment: Because the loan is repaid in full on the applicants next payday there is no long term effect on their finances.

5) Not too many other options: As a result of the credit crunch there are not too many options available to people who are looking to borrow smaller loan amounts, because most of the unsecured lenders have now stopped lending and the secured loans lenders are only interested in loans above 5,000 GBP.

6) They are cheaper: When you look at the actual cost of borrowing the money, instead of the ridiculous APR's that the lenders are forced to advertise. They are in fact a very competitively priced product.

When you take all the above into consideration it is no surprise that payday loans have become so popular, and with no sign of any changes in the immediate future for the rest of the UK finance industry. There is every chance that the industry will continue to grow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get Bad Credit Car Loans

You are looking for a vehicle and when you check your credit history it reports bad credit. A credit score under 600 is not considered to be good. Borrowers of this category are taken as risk among the lenders and lenders are reluctant in helping these people out. However, with time things have changed and there are a number of lenders these days that are ready to sponsor the needs of people with bad credit.

Let us see the basic qualification criteria and what your options available with these loans are.

Before applying for these loans

Before you go ahead with these loans you should get a copy of your credit report and check it thoroughly .There are times that you can find errors in your report and by getting these errors corrected your credit score can improve and you can qualify for a better interest rate.

When you take a auto loan you are required to make a down payment. The thumb of the rule is that more the amount of down payment lower would be the interest rate .So try and arrange for a down payment that is bigger in amount. Try to finance at least 7-10% of the loan amount through the down payment.

Make sure that you compare the price offered by at least 3-4 lenders so that you have an idea as to what rates you are being offered and what is the best deal that you can get. Do not just compare the interest rate on the loan. Make sure that you also compare the terms of the loan.

Before you apply for these loans make sure that your payments towards the other credits is made on time. When the lender checks your credit report they would see that you have been making the payments on time and this would add a positive effect to your loan application.

What should you be aware of?

When you take a bad credit auto loan it is advised that you look out for the terms of the loan. The loan is usually distributed over a period of 3-5 years. Make sure that the term that you get on the loan is not too strict and you would be able to pay off the loan on time.

Look at the interest rates and the other costs associated with the loan. There are a number of costs that come along with the bad credit auto loans. Make sure that you ask the lender about the other costs also .It is better to compare the APR on the loan that would give you the total cost so that you can assess how much would you pay on an annual basis towards the loan.

If you are adding payment protection insurance along with the loan then be aware that the cost of the loan will rise. However, this factor can protect you in case you are unable to meet the payment for a few months because of some reason.

What are the available options?

When applying for the bad credit auto loans you can have three different options available.

* Conventional lenders: These are the usual lenders that give out these loans. They charge an interest slightly higher than that available to people with good credit .Qualifying for this loan would be easy if you have maintained a good payment schedule over the past few months.

* Credit Unions: If you are a member of a credit union then it is advised that you take the help of union. These can be affordable and help you in getting the vehicle.

* Auto dealer: The dealer from whom you take the vehicle can provide you with an option for the finance. The dealers are in touch with a number of lenders and provide finance regardless of the credit score to their customers. However, this can prove to be an expensive deal. Hence it is advised that you opt for this type of finance only if there is no other option available.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Credit Card Offers Right For You

If you are considering getting a credit card for the first time, acquiring another card, or replacing your existing one for whatever reason, it is best to consider the different credit card offers in order to get the best deal. These offers will have to be evaluated based on your specific needs because there is no single best deal, which applies to all. Considering the plethora of offers available, these will have to be individually assessed.

Focus on the Cards Credit Cards You are Qualified for

Check your credit score. There is no point in considering cards which you will not be qualified for in the first place. There are specific offers for those with excellent credit standing, as well as those with good, fair, and bad credit ratings, respectively. This is based on your credit score. You may have limited or no credit history, and there are credit card offers for your particular case as well.

More often than not, credit cards for those with excellent rating have more perks and benefits. This may include low or zero APR, zero annual fee, cash back incentives, etc. Of course, those with bad credit standing have only a few or no perks. Having limited or no credit history is tantamount to a low credit score. If you are one of these, do not expect favorable terms.

Selecting the Right Card Offer

Because of the very competitive business environment, credit card companies have come up with a variety of promotional packages to attract more customers. And these are embodied in their best credit card offers, some of which are as follows:

1. Low interest cards. These cards offer low APR or zero introductory APR. A few extend low fixed rates. These are beneficial to credit card users who maintain a balance in their account past the cut-off period. But if you fully settle all your purchases every cut-off, then you will not reap the benefits of this offer.

2. Cards offering cash back on purchases. A certain amount in credited to your account for purchases made. This is equivalent to getting discounts on your purchases. This is favorable especially to those who frequently use their credit card.

3. Credit cards that offer rewards. Points are earned every time the card is used, and corresponding items may be redeemed based on these. However, the rewards may or may not be of use to the cardholder.

4. Instant approval cards. These are for those who needed a credit card yesterday. Approval (or feedback regarding the application) is given within minutes to a few hours.

5. Credit card balance transfer offers. This is beneficial for those who wish to transfer their account from a high interest card to one with zero or low APR.

6. Credit cards for high school and college students. These are specific for students who have no credit history whatsoever.

Credit cards are a boon to our modern day living. They make purchasing convenient. However, they will be a bane if mismanaged. This necessitates judicious use of credit cards. And it will be most advantageous if we choose the most appropriate one for our needs. In so doing, we will be able to maximize the benefits and perks.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Profile Of A Typical Cash Advance Loan Customer

The quick cash loan industry is thriving and is expanding more quickly than anyone might have predicted a few years back. Nowadays there are more payday loan stores across the country than there are McDonald's, Burger King and Subway restaurants combined. That is a lot of shops. And the business is now under a great deal of criticism recently as the rates of interest billed for payday loans are certainly usurious and at worst, predatory. There's not much else that can be used to explain rates of interest that often surpass 400% annually.

The industry defends its position, pointing out that A) they are selling convenience and B) the rates of interest they demand are not really interest, they are fees and C) the loans are for periods of fourteen days, not 12 months, so the yearly rate is moot. These kinds of arguments can be debated endlessly, but the loans are still popular despite laws that demand that the loan provider divulge all the terms in writing. The thing that the lenders argue that possibly doesn't stand true is the statement that their average client is not poor, but rather a part of the middle-class who simply obtains loans from them because it's convenient.

Research suggests something else. Research conducted recently conducted in Arkansas paints a markedly distinct picture from the rosy one recommended by the cash advance loan industry:

Based on the study, 50 % of the participants declared that they sent applications for a bank loan prior to obtaining a payday loan but were turned down because of a background of poor credit.

Over 75 % of individuals did so for the reason that they were receiving threatening phone calls from collectors to whom they owe money.

Sixty-six per cent of participants said they took out a payday loan simply because they simply had no choice.

This clearly suggests that the primary beneficiaries of these payday loans truly are the operating poor. Not only that, but they don't take out payday loans because they're handy, but because they are actually the only opportunity to borrow cash to pay bills or survive until the next payday. It's a pretty sad scenario when the only readily available supply a few people have to borrow money is one that costs at least 400% per year. Unfortunately, for many people, payday cash loans are their only option, as conventional banks often do not lend small sums of cash and require inflexible lending standards.

The market continues to decide whether or not these kind of stores will continue to operate. After all, if nobody wanted these products, nobody would buy them. In the meantime, legislators in many states continue to try to look for alternatives that will allow these taxpaying firms to remain while protecting the customers who clearly have no other place to turn. There isn't any simple solution, as the legislators in South Dakota have discovered. They established loose banking laws to attract banking institutions to the state, just to see payday cash advance shops appear on every corner. Clearly, lax banking legislation is a double edged sword.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Increase Business Profit with Retail Finance

In these hard economic times, most businesses are looking for ways to increase profit and quash the competition. One of the best ways to do this is through retail finance. Many business owners incorporate this method of consumer finance in their business strategy because they know that this will encourage their customers to patronize their products even without cash on hand. With retail financing, customers can now avail of the big ticket items in your store through a payment scheme that will allow them to pay off the full amount on instalment.

Perhaps some of you might be wondering how your business would be able to increase your profit through retail finance. The scheme seems to profit more of the consumers rather than the business owners. Shoppers need not go through the application process of quick loans just to buy the items that they want from your store. With retail financing that your own business offers, they can already make a decision of buying a rather more expensive item even if they could not afford to pay on cash.

As a business owner, you can profit when you offer finance direct to your customers in two ways. One way is by gaining customer loyalty and the second is by making an additional profit through the fee that you will charge for paying in instalment.

For instance, a couple may walk in your store and see a nice dining set that would be perfect for their dining hall. However, the set costs about

Monday, October 8, 2012

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Being overwhelmed by credit card debt can be a challenge. Constant late fees can quickly add up resulting in over the limit fees. For those tired of the never ending credit card battle, understanding how to pay off credit card debt and implementing a strategy will not only help improve your credit rating but also stop harrassment from creditors. Consider these options before choosing credit card settlement or other bankruptcy alternatives.

First Step - Your Credit Report

Any time a person applies for a loan or credit card, their credit history is checked. A potential lender or creditor will review the number of open accounts, balances and payment history on record. This information is used to determine if the applicant is a good candidate to receive the loan or line of credit. It is not just lenders who check credit; banks, insurance companies, property managers and even some employers review credit history.

Because credit plays such an important role in everyday life, it is important to maintain a good history as it can impact where you live and work or even health, auto and life insurance rates. If you have not checked your credit history lately, this should be the starting point when considering how to pay off credit card debt. Any negative or inaccurate information should be disputed in writing. This may take some time, but it will result in an improved credit score and is therefore well worth the effort.

Ignoring letters from creditors will not make the problem go away. You can work to resolve the issue on your own or seek assistance through debt counseling, debt settlement or by consolidating credit cards.

Do It Yourself Debt Settlement

Assuming that the credit reports are accurate, the next thing to do is work at negotiating payoff terms with creditors. For credit cards that are already past due contact the company and negotiate terms that you can stick to. Since credit card companies want to get as much of the balance owed before sending it to a collection agency most are willing to work with consumers.

There are two important things to remember here. One, be sure you stick to your arrangement. Two, get the agreement in writing before making any payments. Credit card companies can get amnesia very quickly, especially when they have the payment in hand, so cover yourself.

Good Credit Debt Solutions

If your credit is still in good standing, a debt consolidation loan may be a good option. Taking out a loan to pay off all outstanding debt will leave you with one monthly payment and all credit card balances at zero. Remember, a zero balance is not always the best thing when applying for additional credit because it does not show a payment history. This can also be considered a risk since you have the ability to use the line of credit at anytime.

Many credit cards companies will extend offers such as transferring your high interest rate balances to their lower interest rate credit cards. Be sure to read the fine print since one missed payment could result in the interest rate escalating to the previous rate you were paying. These apparently great offers are only great if you don't slip up!

Debt settlement is another option to look into when researching how to get rid of credit card debt. One of the best advantages, from the consumer perspective, is that the collection calls will cease and you will not be subjected to legal action, which can be hugely stressful and extremely expensive. In addition, many creditors will agree to bring old accounts current and reduce or delete late payments or over the limit fees. On average debt settlement companies can negotiate payoffs in 24 to 48 months and at a reduced cost then the original debt total.

Keep in mind that debt settlement companies charge upfront and monthly fees to participate in the program. Another downside is if the debt company does not negotiate a "paid in full" status, paid debts may be reported as "settled" on your credit report. This can raise a red flag for potential lenders further down the road.

Knowing how to get rid of credit card debt is the easy part. It is taking the first step and making the commitment to see it through until you are debt free that is difficult. Carefully examining your options and finding what works best for you will result in being credit card debt free. If you feel that your situation is out of your control, contact one of the free debt counselling services who will be able to offer you independent advice. Sharing the problem can make a huge difference to how you go on to deal with it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Renting Shares Exchanges

Renting shares is defined as the process of trading contracts for options through one of a number of different stock exchange programs. Renting shares is conducted through a myriad of different online venues designed specifically for stock brokers rather than on an in-person level such as with traditional stock market trading. Renting shares is also commonly referred to as Options Trading or online options trading. Some people even take renting shares and lump it in together with traditional futures trading, using the term Options Futures instead, but options and futures are two widely distinctive concepts. This means that it would be wrong for anyone to combine them together to create a single term.

There are a total of six different exchanges that can be found within the United States, and each lists available contracts for standardized options based on the various underlying stocks that can be bought or sold. These exchanges include:

- The Philadelphia Stock Exchange or PHLX

- The American Stock Exchange or AMEX

- The New York Stock Exchange or NYSE

- The Chicago Board Options Exchange or CBOE

- The International Securities Exchange or ISE

- The Boston Operations Exchange or BOX

The first four mentioned marketplaces are standard open outcry marketplaces, while the latter two, the ISE and the BOX are electronic markets for renting shares online.

Renting shares can be done through nearly any broker that the trader chooses, but this is only assuming that the broker has a facility to offer for renting shares and options trading. The broker is then the person who is responsible for making sure that the traders can buy and sell their options in any of the aforementioned exchanges.

Options are classified two different ways, call options and put options. Both of these classes can be applied to bull and bear markets equally, and they can also be longed, which means they can be bought as a means of establishing a position, or shorted, which means they can be sold in order to establish a position. Both of these processes lead to what is essentially a limitless combination of different strategies for renting shares that can be performed to help traders profit regardless of what is happening to the stock.

Renting shares on the options market is a great way for successful investors to create a large investment picture using a number of different vehicles. Many successful investors have cited renting shares on the options market to be one of the best possible ways to earn a significant income through trading and investing. This is because trading options and renting shares can create leverage, and with this leverage a small investment can easily become something ten times as large. This can be done by making the same type of move on an underlying stock that would normally be made through traditional stock trading methods. If you are looking for a low risk, high reward type of investment, then renting shares is definitely one of the best ways for you to go.

For more information on Renting Shares and other wealth creation strategies pick up your FREE dvd and e-book from the following web address.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Find A Real Estate Agent In The Los Angeles Classifieds

Every day in the US houses are bought and sold. At one time or another there are many Americans who have had experience with been in either the situation of both buying and selling or one or the other. It can be very difficult to sell your house because there are so many different things that you have to keep in mind. You have to figure out how much money you will wind up with once the sale of you house is completed and you have to determine which method you are going to take to sell the house. You might not make more money if you sell your house than if you use a real estate agent.

People who live in the Los Angeles area might want to consider using a real estate agent to sell their house and they should use one that is local. These real estate agents will work to help people sell their houses under conditions that are most favorable to the seller. It is important to know the different ways to find the ideal real estate agent who will assist you the most in getting the most money for your house and this can be somewhat difficult.

One place that you can look for a real estate agent in the Los angles area is the telephone book. They are a great source of information for finding a real estate agent. You should look in the yellow pages under the business listings and you will find a list of all of the real estate agents in the Los Angeles area. However, don't select the first real estate agent that you come across. You need to develop a relationship with the real estate agent and be comfortable with them by speaking with each of the real estate agents.

Another place that you should look for listings for real estate agents is the internet. The internet can provide you with many sources of contact information for the agents in the area who may be able to help you get your home sold. The internet has many different directories and phone books available to anyone who searches for them.

The best way to find a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area is to look in the Los Angeles classified on the Internet. They have their own website that lists all of the many services that they will provide in addition to a lot of other information that you will need to determine the best way to sell your house.

After you have found a real estate agent in the Los Angeles classifieds you should meet with the real estate agent in person to discuss the strategy they intend to use to sell your house. You should pay attention to how much experience they have had selling real estate, how much training they have had in the real estate field, and how they interact with people. You should also compare how much the houses they have sold to their fair market values.