Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What To Pack For A Cruise Holiday

The majority of cruise lines especially the larger ships have on-board boutiques and chemists to buy anything you may have forgotten, but key to packing for a cruise holiday is to pack clothes that are suitable not only for the ship you are on but locations you are cruising to and the weather.

Start with the important essentials and pack them separately from your suitcase, these include your tickets, cruise documents, money and credit cards, travellers cheques, medicines (including sea sickness remedies if you need them), reading glasses,any essential item that you may need before unpacking your suitcase.

Print off relevant travel guides instead of taking a whole guide book with you and remember camera and film, memory cards with the relevant charger. Pack sunscreen and hat, reading material, sun glasses, and a medical kit, especially mosquito repellent and after sun, these can be expensive once on board.

The one thing that you will see some poor soul searching for will be an adaptor plug, always pack a worldwide adaptor just in case you should need it.It is now the norm for cruise ships to supply hairdryers, but check just in case you have to take your own.Check that your wash bag has all the essentials, and if possible decant them into smaller plastic bottles.

Packing your clothes will also depend on what type of cruise you are taking, always check to see what the dress etiquette of the ship is before you leave and then pack accordingly.A general rule is to pack for all occasions, which means casual attire such as jeans and t shirt to evening dress and a suit, but again this depends on what type of cruise you are on.

Informal dining means women tend to dress in dresses or trousers, whilst men in trousers and casual jacket.Formal dining means cocktails dresses and for men business suits or dinner jackets.Most cruise lines dress code is casual wear such a trousers, skirts, dresses, check to see what the policy is on jeans and t-shirts as this can differ from one cruise line to the next.

Remember that most ships have air conditioning so there can be a fluctuation in temperature; take a pashima or a jacket with you.

One of the great things about travelling to foreign destinations is that you can buy clothes that you would never see in your own country, with this in mind take another holder in your suitcase.

Day time on board a cruise line is usually casual so think deck clothes, such as shorts and swimwear.Cruise ships have gym facilities so if you want to carry on with your exercise regime, bring gym clothes and remember footwear.

Almost every ship has a laundry service on board but this can add up so for smaller items bring detergent with you.

Life aboard a cruise ship is aimed at being comfortable and relaxed so the key to packing for a cruise holiday is wear what you feel comfortable in.But remember to pack that one special evening outfit you never know when you might be invited to dine at the cap

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